My name is Maëlick and I am a toy photographer from Belgium currently living in Northern Finland.
I use toys, mainly but not exclusively LEGO® Minifigures, as a way to express and share the feeling of Wanderlust I experience while being outdoors, either at home or around the world.
I am a member of 100 % Stuck in Plastic and have been featured as a guest author of Toy Photographers.
I started taking interest in photography in 2014. Working as a researcher, I’ve been lucky enough to travel regularly around North America, Europe, and Japan. In parallel, my interest in photography led me to stumble online across toy photography. Eventually, toys became my photographic subject of choice.
Originally from Belgium, my job led me to move to Oulu, Northern Finland in December 2016. I’ve always been attracted by the Nordic countries, but it’s after a trip to Bergen in July 2016 that I took the decision of applying for a job in Oulu. Initially, it felt like a scary jump into the unknown, but it didn’t take long before I fell in love with the Nordic outdoors and lifestyle.
Since then, I’ve been sharing the Adventures of my plastic friends around the North.
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